Open Letter to My Who Could Have Been

Dear My Who Could Have Been,

It’s amazing how the universe brought you into my life during the time I needed someone to remind me that there’s life after a break up.

You started off as a complete stranger and slowly transformed to apparently, everything I needed you to be.

You listened tirelessly. You comforted me. Restored my self-esteem. You cheered on as I slowly moved on and forward.

You reminded me always that I was worth it. And for that I will always be grateful.

From being everything I needed you to be it didn’t take long for me to realize that you were actually everything that I wanted my one true love to be.

But guess what? As of now, it can’t be you and me.

Maybe because I came in too late?

Or you came in too early?

But I don’t think that matters now. The main point is: we have different priorities.

We could have compromised.

But I believe that love should be proud. It should be allowing, always growing.

How can we both grow if we’re hiding?

You told me loving was all about taking risks.

I believed that.

But my question was, couldn’t you take that risk on me?

I know that’s not easy.

But I was hoping you’ld see that I was worth it.

Wasn’t I your very own who could have been?

Or were you secretly hoping that, like me, we could still be.

Those were the questions left unanswered. But for now, I chose to trust the Universe and just let things be.

You’ll never be the one that got away.

I want you to be my who could be.

Who knows, maybe someday. Somehow.

When we’re both brave enough to admit that we were each other’s who could have been.

Until then, may we both realize the kind of love that will make us feel happy and complete.

Because now, I won’t just settle.

It’s 100% or nothing for me.

For love, I can’t

Yup, holding on to love can be hard at times.

It takes a lot of understanding and patience to make a relationship work.

But hey it’s possible.

So recently, I spent the last 4 days in HK reflecting during my vacation.

Apart from the fact that I needed a time off from work, multiple hosting duties and media guestings during the last three months, I felt that I needed to get in touch once more with my inner self since my grieving period over my lost love is almost over.

Yup, I spent the last 3.5 months healing from a previous relationship which lasted 3.5 years.

One month for every year of togetherness. Yup, done it. And it helped a lot.

And now that the end of that period draws near (July 5 to be exact), I believe that it was quite timely to simply take a step back and realize what really matters to me when it comes to love.

I had to remember that one. Took time and a lot of effort, but yup, I got my self worth back. And I am very grateful because now, I know that I am finally ready to move on and forward.

But in order for me to do so, I also took note of the things I can’t do (or live with) for love. I know this might be wishful thinking but I truly believe that the entire universe will conspire in finding my perfect match.

Let me share with you some items on my list:

For love, I can’t

– not have time. Because by spending time together we allow ourselves to grow together. No matter how busy I am, I know that I can squeeze in even a few minutes to remind my partner that he is loved. Here’s to more dates, more talks and texts, among others.

– always choose to win as I try to make a point. Instead, a healthy compromise will allow us both to see things in a different way, far better perhaps than our initial point of argument. It’s no longer about who’s right, but rather, what feels right for both of us.

– not be honest. It’s not about keeping what I feel inside. It’s all about being open to the person who deserves to see who and what I am clearly. With transparency, acceptance comes easy. And of course, that goes both ways.

– not be my best. May it be about work, my health or life in general, I will always try to make my partner realize that he deserves me whole, and that means being nothing short of the best. I believe that our love should inspire us both to become the best versions of ourselves, whatever they may be.

– give up easily. I know that no relationship is perfect, and that there will always be ups and downs. But I will make sure that we make ours always worth fighting for. It’s about giving our all, because we both deserve it. Holding on will always be the top priority.

– not celebrate every single day, every single reason of our togetherness. I don’t need to wait for a monthsary, anniversary or any special occasion. I truly believe that each and every moment should be cherished because it’s not everyday you meet that person who touches your soul and makes you whole.

For love, I can’t stop. Life goes on.

Because for love, I can do all things.

And become all that I am meant to be.

I am excited. And ready.

For love.

Finding Inspiration

What inspires you?

That is probably one of the most common questions asked during job interviews…or when you get to know someone better.

Why would it matter, you may ask.

You see, where you draw inspiration from can either make or break you.

Being inspired allows you to go outside of your comfort zone to experience the things you once longed for as you grow more in the process.

It allows you to see life with a new perspective and discover more about yourself.

Inspiration draws from the strength and love you never thought you had; from the courage and faith you never imagined existed.

So given that power, where you draw inspiration from counts.

To walk away from a seemingly hopeless situation, to choose to move on and forward, to simply enjoy life to the fullest as you become your best — these require you to be truly inspired.

By what?

My answer will be: whatever makes your heart skip a beat with happiness, gratefulness and fulfillment.

Meaning, there’s no exact correct source of inspiration–it really depends on you.

Whether you get inspired by people around you, a loved one perhaps, or even the little things everyday life has in store for you…what matters is that you learn and grow in the process.

But guess what? It’s also possible to draw inspiration from yourself.

Know that within you lies greatness that is waiting to be sent out to the world. You just have to choose to recognize it by inquiring within and believing fully that you are always more than enough.

Yes, you are very much capable of making things happen. On your own. At your own pace.

Give the love and acceptance (to yourself) that you deserve and inspiration will definitely follow.

May you find reasons every single day to be inspired even more.

And never forget, that even you, yourself, are an inspiration.

Whole Once More

The thing is, sometimes, you just know that it’s time.

Time for you to love yourself more.

To move on and forward.

To open yourself to new (and greater) possibilities.

Out with the old, in with the new.

Yes, it’s actually possible to heal and be whole once more.

To love again.

Take it from me.

Two months after, here I am healing and focusing on becoming my best, not only for myself, but in preparation for that person who deserves me whole.

It’s amazing how the Universe conspires to bring in new people into our lives to remind us of our worthiness to be loved and accepted with no ifs or buts.

Looking back, I guess me, being broken, had to happen.

To push me outside of my comfort zone.

To make me realize what and who I really want.

To help me become my #bestmeever.

And for those reasons, I have my brokenness to thank.

For making me whole once more.

Now, I look forward to each and every single day as I embark on my personal journey.

Meeting new people along the way who want to play a part in my life story.

Who would have thought?

I never did lose faith in my love story.

The next chapter, just started.

I am grateful and excited.

And yes, now, it can finally be told:

I am ok.

Overcoming Depression

I know how it feels.

Trust me.

I’ve been broken before.

I know how it feels to be robbed of dreams and hope.

To be left alone, feeling lost and uncertain.

To reach the lowest point in life.

Been there. Been that.

But guess what?

I didn’t give up.

It was my choice.

I chose to rise from my fall.

To pick up the broken pieces.

To start all over again.

To become whole once more.

I chose to fight depression.

And I’m glad I did.

And now, to all of you reading this, who are going through hard times, let me tell you that you have a choice.

A choice to finally make things right by leaving the past behind and focusing on what the present has to offer.

A chance to become excited and ready for the wonderful future ahead of you.

You are not alone in your journey.

You will never be.

I believe in you.

I’ve done it before. So I am sure, you can too.

You just have to embrace yourself whole, love yourself fully and believe you can.

You always have a choice.

To become a victim or a survivor.

In my case, I chose to become a winner.

My #bestmeever.

And yes, you can make the same choice too.

I’m with you.

Discovering Self Worth

Fact: We are all worthy.

Very much deserving of the greatest things in life, as much as everyone else.

Regardless of the turn of events or whatever others may say, you have to always keep your self-worth intact.

Note that:

You are worth more than the painful past you had because it cannot and should not define you and what else you can do.

Far more than the abusive relationships you have kept, that is why consider letting go as one of the best decisions you have ever made.

Definitely worth more than the day job you keep just for the sake of earning a living but totally making you lose your zest for life in the process because in your heart you know you can offer so much more if you pursue your passion fully.

Beyond compare when it comes to accepting substandard or mediocre output and treatment because you know you can (and you will) do better, given the chance.

You are far worth more than the lowly judgements others may have formulated about you because they haven’t seen your full potential yet —your greatness within.

Simply put, your self worth is priceless.

When you finally realize this, you are able to maximize your full potential and become whatever you’re meant to be.

Your #bestmeever.

Embrace yourself whole.

Love every flaw and nurture all that is good about you.

You don’t have to fit any mold.

You create your own.

Because you, much like everyone else, is worthy beyond compare.

Remember that always.

Owning Now

Truth be told, we don’t have the luxury of time.

Well, not always.

Given that, every second counts.

You might not notice it but seriously what you do, here and now, matters a lot.

You can’t turn back time. And you don’t want to chase after it always either.

So how do you make the most of it, you may ask?

Inquire within.

Yep, you have the answers within you, only if you look beyond your immediate environment and focus on yourself first: your wants, needs, dreams and aspirations.

You matter. A lot.

So put yourself first at all times.

Take this time to do just that.

Reality check: at this point in your life, where exactly are you?

Be as honest as possible. Don’t sugar coat it.

Remember, it’s a reality check so it has to be real!

After which, countercheck on your goals.

How many have you achieved? Have they changed?

Whatever your answer may be, remember that it’s ok.

You don’t have to pressure yourself too much or be depressed because things didn’t work out as planned.

You have now, to start all over again.

And that alone, is a very good reason to be really grateful.

With your new goals intact, you are now ready to move on and forward.

Make the most of now by doing everything that your heart desires, nurturing the relationships you have, building new ones while cutting toxic ties and practices that hinder your growth and strain your well-being.

You deserve the best things in life. Keep it that way.

So don’t waste your precious time on anything (and anyone!) that seems otherwise!

Go for it.

A life without any what if’s or regrets is a life that’s well-lived.

Now is your time.

Own it. Live it.