Discovering Self Worth

Fact: We are all worthy.

Very much deserving of the greatest things in life, as much as everyone else.

Regardless of the turn of events or whatever others may say, you have to always keep your self-worth intact.

Note that:

You are worth more than the painful past you had because it cannot and should not define you and what else you can do.

Far more than the abusive relationships you have kept, that is why consider letting go as one of the best decisions you have ever made.

Definitely worth more than the day job you keep just for the sake of earning a living but totally making you lose your zest for life in the process because in your heart you know you can offer so much more if you pursue your passion fully.

Beyond compare when it comes to accepting substandard or mediocre output and treatment because you know you can (and you will) do better, given the chance.

You are far worth more than the lowly judgements others may have formulated about you because they haven’t seen your full potential yet —your greatness within.

Simply put, your self worth is priceless.

When you finally realize this, you are able to maximize your full potential and become whatever you’re meant to be.

Your #bestmeever.

Embrace yourself whole.

Love every flaw and nurture all that is good about you.

You don’t have to fit any mold.

You create your own.

Because you, much like everyone else, is worthy beyond compare.

Remember that always.

Owning Now

Truth be told, we don’t have the luxury of time.

Well, not always.

Given that, every second counts.

You might not notice it but seriously what you do, here and now, matters a lot.

You can’t turn back time. And you don’t want to chase after it always either.

So how do you make the most of it, you may ask?

Inquire within.

Yep, you have the answers within you, only if you look beyond your immediate environment and focus on yourself first: your wants, needs, dreams and aspirations.

You matter. A lot.

So put yourself first at all times.

Take this time to do just that.

Reality check: at this point in your life, where exactly are you?

Be as honest as possible. Don’t sugar coat it.

Remember, it’s a reality check so it has to be real!

After which, countercheck on your goals.

How many have you achieved? Have they changed?

Whatever your answer may be, remember that it’s ok.

You don’t have to pressure yourself too much or be depressed because things didn’t work out as planned.

You have now, to start all over again.

And that alone, is a very good reason to be really grateful.

With your new goals intact, you are now ready to move on and forward.

Make the most of now by doing everything that your heart desires, nurturing the relationships you have, building new ones while cutting toxic ties and practices that hinder your growth and strain your well-being.

You deserve the best things in life. Keep it that way.

So don’t waste your precious time on anything (and anyone!) that seems otherwise!

Go for it.

A life without any what if’s or regrets is a life that’s well-lived.

Now is your time.

Own it. Live it.

Reflect and Reset

It was a much-needed break from it all.🙏🏻

Long weekend well-spent indeed.

I took the opportunity to disconnect from work and everything else in between and just spend time reflecting on where I am now in my life and where I intend to be.

Truth be told, amidst the stress, I figured out that I have a lot to be grateful for.

I mean there may have been things which didn’t go as planned e.g. a heart break, delays at work, shelved opportunities etc. but hey there were also a lot of milestones in my life which I achieved this first quarter: new business ventures, booking a regular hosting stint on radio, multiple media guestings and speaking engagements for my book, among others.

Overall, I felt that I was doing a good job.

But of course, it shouldn’t end there.

I said this time and again: it’s all about moving on and forward.

So while on vacation in Taipei, in between sight seeing and food tripping, I took the time to plot all the things I want to achieve still. I even wrote them down when I went to the Shifen Old Street where I wished upon a sky lantern in flight. Here’s what mine looked like prior to it being released upward. ❤️

My time off, was really a reminder to me that my time has finally arrived.

The time for me to push myself further, to grow even more…to become my #bestmeever 🙏🏻

Looking back, I only have much gratefulness in my heart for all the things that have happened.

They all led me to where I am now, may not exactly be where I am meant to be yet.

But rather, they led me to my starting point.

And it looks quite promising.


I found myself even when I was lost for words about what transpired previously.

But now, my answers await.

Change is coming.

And I know it’ll be one amazing journey.

Life can only get better. 🙏🏻

It begins today. ☝🏻

What’s Next?

This was the question I asked myself upon waking up this morning.

To say that a lot of things have happened in the last few days is an understatement.

So here I am, trying to make sense of what transpired while wondering what’s the next chapter going to be.

It’s always about moving on and forward.

This is something I keep close to my heart, regardless of what happened, good or bad.

I have always believed in growing from the experience.

Now I am actually taking this time to re-assess my life (and goals). It’s funny how situations make you realize the things you have overlooked in the process of your pursuit of happiness.

Before, I traded my personal time off for dating. My weekends for work. My health to earn money. My life to please others.

Well, not anymore.

I gained clarity.

Quite important when considering what’s next for me.

And this is what I figured out:

1. I want to focus on my Life Coaching and help others become their #bestmeever (shameless plug)

2. I want to become healthier and fitter and I should (and would!) find time to work out 3-4 times daily while eating mindfully.

3. Family time and time with close friends are non-negotiable.

4. Love (and work) can wait; my life can’t.

5. I deserve more so I won’t settle for less. I am worthy (note to thyself, daily)

6. Enjoy every single day. Make more memories. Live my purpose.

7. Grow my businesses. Welcome new opportunities.

8. Love myself more.

So in a nutshell, you might ask, what’s next for me?

I say:

My #bestmeever ❤️

What’s yours?

Starting All Over Again

Acceptance is key.

When you finally embrace yourself and the situation whole, you begin to heal.

Trust me. Been there. Done that.

It’s true that the hardest thing to do is to take that first step in re-building your broken self.

But it’s possible.🙏🏻

It takes time, a whole lot of effort and much love for one’s self to be able to do that.

It’s a life-changing decision to leave the hurt and what could have beens of yesterday behind.

But it’ll be worth it.

You have a whole new life ahead of you.

Your past shouldn’t define what you can still be. It shouldn’t stop you from growing and becoming what you are truly meant to be: your #bestmeever ❤️

The heart breaks, the disappointments — all those were leading you towards a different direction so you can grow and flourish even more.

Yes, they were blessings in disguise.

Maybe hard to accept right now, but someday you’ll back at what happened and you will realize the beauty hidden within those challenging times.

In the meantime, continue showering yourself with the love you deserve. ❤️

You don’t need the validation of others to make you feel happy, nor the presence of someone else in your life to make you feel complete.

You are more than enough. ☝🏻

So take this post as a sign.

Your Day 1.🌈

Someday, you will be ok.

But for now, choose to start all over again.

Because you deserve something (or someone) better.

Life goes on.

And yes, this is my note to myself. 🙏🏻

Love, for the last time

I never thought we would reach this point.

We were unstoppable. We had plans. We were meant to be.

But I guess “had” and “were” are operative words now.

But we had good times right?

We beat the odds. We had milestones.

We made love happen.

But now, I am just glad that it did. Some of the best moments in my life came from those years of togetherness.

I will look back with much gratefulness. I am what I am now partly because of you.

But now, love, for the last time, let me tell you these:

Don’t allow anyone to make you feel less of a person. Learn to make a stand. To fight back.

Always remember that you are good enough. Truth be told, you are more than enough.

The dreams you had? You wanted to go abroad for work? Work on a cruise ship? I tell you go for it.

Should you wish to pursue our dream of having your own restaurant, do so. Invite me during the opening please. I know you would do great.

Continue to bake. You’ll perfect those brownies someday.

No matter how busy you are, find time to have your favorite Matcha Milk Tea.

Watch movies during weekend. We wanted to watch the same films right? Try to watch the last three films we missed. They were good, I heard.

Work harder. You’ll make it. I believe in you and it’s time you believed in yourself more. I know at times it can be tiring, but hey, it’ll be worth it.

Love your family. Spend even more time with them. You’re right, they’re really special. Play with your nephews when you have free time.

Don’t forget to hear mass on Sundays like we used to. Oh and have great lunch after.

Travel if you can. You take really good pictures. Create more memories.

Exercise if you have time. Go back to running or playing badminton. It’s for your own good.

Put your towel and wet wipes inside your bag always because it’s hot outside. Bring extra shirt since you sweat a lot.

Remember that you are wanted, needed and loved by many.

And please, always try to be happy and positive daily, no matter how hard it is. That’s all I ask.

Proud of what you’ve become.

I know that you will be fine someday.

So will I.

But now love, for the last time, allow me to worry about you, to care for you, to love you in the best way I know.

Thank you for the love that was.

I know someday, somehow, everything will make sense.

I want us both to look back and realize that we had something special.

Even if now, love, for the last time,

I am saying goodbye.

Maybe someday, if the time comes that we are both ready and still available, we will see each other again.

And love, perhaps that time, will now last.

Time To Forgive


Ok. I know it’s hard to forgive.

Been there. But also done that.

Well, not exactly right after the chaos. 😅

Magic words. Can make or break a person or a relationship.

The sooner said, the better. Damage control, anyone?🤔

But seriously, when is the best time to forgive?☝🏻

Forgive the soonest so you can heal. ❤️

Yes, it’s something which takes time.

It’s not something which you can just give out for the sake of. ☝🏻

You have to be really ready.

Forgiveness comes when you finally let go. ❤️

Of the need to please your ego, to be precise about it.

How long before that happens?

Up to you really. ❤️

Consider these:

Why hold on to something that weighs you down?

What do you get from keeping your anger intact?

Who do you think loses in the end if you don’t forgive?

Now that you have those to reflect on, my next question is:

Will the price you pay for holding on to your grudges be worth it?🤔

I don’t think so.👊🏻

So how do you move on and forward then?

Choose to be the better person. 🙏🏻

Are you now ready to forgive?

Others, for hurting you.

And yourself, as well.

Again, the choice is yours. 🙏🏻😊❤️