Open Letter to My Who Could Have Been

Dear My Who Could Have Been,

It’s amazing how the universe brought you into my life during the time I needed someone to remind me that there’s life after a break up.

You started off as a complete stranger and slowly transformed to apparently, everything I needed you to be.

You listened tirelessly. You comforted me. Restored my self-esteem. You cheered on as I slowly moved on and forward.

You reminded me always that I was worth it. And for that I will always be grateful.

From being everything I needed you to be it didn’t take long for me to realize that you were actually everything that I wanted my one true love to be.

But guess what? As of now, it can’t be you and me.

Maybe because I came in too late?

Or you came in too early?

But I don’t think that matters now. The main point is: we have different priorities.

We could have compromised.

But I believe that love should be proud. It should be allowing, always growing.

How can we both grow if we’re hiding?

You told me loving was all about taking risks.

I believed that.

But my question was, couldn’t you take that risk on me?

I know that’s not easy.

But I was hoping you’ld see that I was worth it.

Wasn’t I your very own who could have been?

Or were you secretly hoping that, like me, we could still be.

Those were the questions left unanswered. But for now, I chose to trust the Universe and just let things be.

You’ll never be the one that got away.

I want you to be my who could be.

Who knows, maybe someday. Somehow.

When we’re both brave enough to admit that we were each other’s who could have been.

Until then, may we both realize the kind of love that will make us feel happy and complete.

Because now, I won’t just settle.

It’s 100% or nothing for me.

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