For love, I can’t

Yup, holding on to love can be hard at times.

It takes a lot of understanding and patience to make a relationship work.

But hey it’s possible.

So recently, I spent the last 4 days in HK reflecting during my vacation.

Apart from the fact that I needed a time off from work, multiple hosting duties and media guestings during the last three months, I felt that I needed to get in touch once more with my inner self since my grieving period over my lost love is almost over.

Yup, I spent the last 3.5 months healing from a previous relationship which lasted 3.5 years.

One month for every year of togetherness. Yup, done it. And it helped a lot.

And now that the end of that period draws near (July 5 to be exact), I believe that it was quite timely to simply take a step back and realize what really matters to me when it comes to love.

I had to remember that one. Took time and a lot of effort, but yup, I got my self worth back. And I am very grateful because now, I know that I am finally ready to move on and forward.

But in order for me to do so, I also took note of the things I can’t do (or live with) for love. I know this might be wishful thinking but I truly believe that the entire universe will conspire in finding my perfect match.

Let me share with you some items on my list:

For love, I can’t

– not have time. Because by spending time together we allow ourselves to grow together. No matter how busy I am, I know that I can squeeze in even a few minutes to remind my partner that he is loved. Here’s to more dates, more talks and texts, among others.

– always choose to win as I try to make a point. Instead, a healthy compromise will allow us both to see things in a different way, far better perhaps than our initial point of argument. It’s no longer about who’s right, but rather, what feels right for both of us.

– not be honest. It’s not about keeping what I feel inside. It’s all about being open to the person who deserves to see who and what I am clearly. With transparency, acceptance comes easy. And of course, that goes both ways.

– not be my best. May it be about work, my health or life in general, I will always try to make my partner realize that he deserves me whole, and that means being nothing short of the best. I believe that our love should inspire us both to become the best versions of ourselves, whatever they may be.

– give up easily. I know that no relationship is perfect, and that there will always be ups and downs. But I will make sure that we make ours always worth fighting for. It’s about giving our all, because we both deserve it. Holding on will always be the top priority.

– not celebrate every single day, every single reason of our togetherness. I don’t need to wait for a monthsary, anniversary or any special occasion. I truly believe that each and every moment should be cherished because it’s not everyday you meet that person who touches your soul and makes you whole.

For love, I can’t stop. Life goes on.

Because for love, I can do all things.

And become all that I am meant to be.

I am excited. And ready.

For love.

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