Finding Inspiration

What inspires you?

That is probably one of the most common questions asked during job interviews…or when you get to know someone better.

Why would it matter, you may ask.

You see, where you draw inspiration from can either make or break you.

Being inspired allows you to go outside of your comfort zone to experience the things you once longed for as you grow more in the process.

It allows you to see life with a new perspective and discover more about yourself.

Inspiration draws from the strength and love you never thought you had; from the courage and faith you never imagined existed.

So given that power, where you draw inspiration from counts.

To walk away from a seemingly hopeless situation, to choose to move on and forward, to simply enjoy life to the fullest as you become your best — these require you to be truly inspired.

By what?

My answer will be: whatever makes your heart skip a beat with happiness, gratefulness and fulfillment.

Meaning, there’s no exact correct source of inspiration–it really depends on you.

Whether you get inspired by people around you, a loved one perhaps, or even the little things everyday life has in store for you…what matters is that you learn and grow in the process.

But guess what? It’s also possible to draw inspiration from yourself.

Know that within you lies greatness that is waiting to be sent out to the world. You just have to choose to recognize it by inquiring within and believing fully that you are always more than enough.

Yes, you are very much capable of making things happen. On your own. At your own pace.

Give the love and acceptance (to yourself) that you deserve and inspiration will definitely follow.

May you find reasons every single day to be inspired even more.

And never forget, that even you, yourself, are an inspiration.

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