Whole Once More

The thing is, sometimes, you just know that it’s time.

Time for you to love yourself more.

To move on and forward.

To open yourself to new (and greater) possibilities.

Out with the old, in with the new.

Yes, it’s actually possible to heal and be whole once more.

To love again.

Take it from me.

Two months after, here I am healing and focusing on becoming my best, not only for myself, but in preparation for that person who deserves me whole.

It’s amazing how the Universe conspires to bring in new people into our lives to remind us of our worthiness to be loved and accepted with no ifs or buts.

Looking back, I guess me, being broken, had to happen.

To push me outside of my comfort zone.

To make me realize what and who I really want.

To help me become my #bestmeever.

And for those reasons, I have my brokenness to thank.

For making me whole once more.

Now, I look forward to each and every single day as I embark on my personal journey.

Meeting new people along the way who want to play a part in my life story.

Who would have thought?

I never did lose faith in my love story.

The next chapter, just started.

I am grateful and excited.

And yes, now, it can finally be told:

I am ok.

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