Discovering Self Worth

Fact: We are all worthy.

Very much deserving of the greatest things in life, as much as everyone else.

Regardless of the turn of events or whatever others may say, you have to always keep your self-worth intact.

Note that:

You are worth more than the painful past you had because it cannot and should not define you and what else you can do.

Far more than the abusive relationships you have kept, that is why consider letting go as one of the best decisions you have ever made.

Definitely worth more than the day job you keep just for the sake of earning a living but totally making you lose your zest for life in the process because in your heart you know you can offer so much more if you pursue your passion fully.

Beyond compare when it comes to accepting substandard or mediocre output and treatment because you know you can (and you will) do better, given the chance.

You are far worth more than the lowly judgements others may have formulated about you because they haven’t seen your full potential yet —your greatness within.

Simply put, your self worth is priceless.

When you finally realize this, you are able to maximize your full potential and become whatever you’re meant to be.

Your #bestmeever.

Embrace yourself whole.

Love every flaw and nurture all that is good about you.

You don’t have to fit any mold.

You create your own.

Because you, much like everyone else, is worthy beyond compare.

Remember that always.

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