What’s Next?

This was the question I asked myself upon waking up this morning.

To say that a lot of things have happened in the last few days is an understatement.

So here I am, trying to make sense of what transpired while wondering what’s the next chapter going to be.

It’s always about moving on and forward.

This is something I keep close to my heart, regardless of what happened, good or bad.

I have always believed in growing from the experience.

Now I am actually taking this time to re-assess my life (and goals). It’s funny how situations make you realize the things you have overlooked in the process of your pursuit of happiness.

Before, I traded my personal time off for dating. My weekends for work. My health to earn money. My life to please others.

Well, not anymore.

I gained clarity.

Quite important when considering what’s next for me.

And this is what I figured out:

1. I want to focus on my Life Coaching and help others become their #bestmeever (shameless plug)

2. I want to become healthier and fitter and I should (and would!) find time to work out 3-4 times daily while eating mindfully.

3. Family time and time with close friends are non-negotiable.

4. Love (and work) can wait; my life can’t.

5. I deserve more so I won’t settle for less. I am worthy (note to thyself, daily)

6. Enjoy every single day. Make more memories. Live my purpose.

7. Grow my businesses. Welcome new opportunities.

8. Love myself more.

So in a nutshell, you might ask, what’s next for me?

I say:

My #bestmeever ❤️

What’s yours?

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