Love, for the last time

I never thought we would reach this point.

We were unstoppable. We had plans. We were meant to be.

But I guess “had” and “were” are operative words now.

But we had good times right?

We beat the odds. We had milestones.

We made love happen.

But now, I am just glad that it did. Some of the best moments in my life came from those years of togetherness.

I will look back with much gratefulness. I am what I am now partly because of you.

But now, love, for the last time, let me tell you these:

Don’t allow anyone to make you feel less of a person. Learn to make a stand. To fight back.

Always remember that you are good enough. Truth be told, you are more than enough.

The dreams you had? You wanted to go abroad for work? Work on a cruise ship? I tell you go for it.

Should you wish to pursue our dream of having your own restaurant, do so. Invite me during the opening please. I know you would do great.

Continue to bake. You’ll perfect those brownies someday.

No matter how busy you are, find time to have your favorite Matcha Milk Tea.

Watch movies during weekend. We wanted to watch the same films right? Try to watch the last three films we missed. They were good, I heard.

Work harder. You’ll make it. I believe in you and it’s time you believed in yourself more. I know at times it can be tiring, but hey, it’ll be worth it.

Love your family. Spend even more time with them. You’re right, they’re really special. Play with your nephews when you have free time.

Don’t forget to hear mass on Sundays like we used to. Oh and have great lunch after.

Travel if you can. You take really good pictures. Create more memories.

Exercise if you have time. Go back to running or playing badminton. It’s for your own good.

Put your towel and wet wipes inside your bag always because it’s hot outside. Bring extra shirt since you sweat a lot.

Remember that you are wanted, needed and loved by many.

And please, always try to be happy and positive daily, no matter how hard it is. That’s all I ask.

Proud of what you’ve become.

I know that you will be fine someday.

So will I.

But now love, for the last time, allow me to worry about you, to care for you, to love you in the best way I know.

Thank you for the love that was.

I know someday, somehow, everything will make sense.

I want us both to look back and realize that we had something special.

Even if now, love, for the last time,

I am saying goodbye.

Maybe someday, if the time comes that we are both ready and still available, we will see each other again.

And love, perhaps that time, will now last.

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