Your Measure of Success

Fact: We all want to be successful someday. πŸ‘πŸ»

Make it big. Earn more. Be well-known.

Live the life of our dreams.

Operative word: Someday. ☝🏻

Why? Because it takes time to be successful. πŸ˜…

Success is not something you were born with, but of course, you’re entitled to it.

However, you have to pour in hard work, commitment and a whole lot of passion to make that happen.

Seriously though, have you ever asked yourself regarding your own definition of success?πŸ€”

How and when can you say that you’ve finally made it?

Tricky question huh?

Simply because there’s no clear cut definition of success☝🏻

No one can tell you that your decisions are right or wrong, except your self.

You define your own measure of success.

Not by society standards, please. Spare yourself.

There’s no sense in comparing yourself to others because your metrics differ. You’re not even sure if you’ll be happier if you were in someone else’s shoes. πŸ˜…

See it this way: For some it may be the amount of money they have. Others, their fame.

But there are people also who base their success on how much time they have on hand. Others on how happy they are with what they have.

Success is defined by our own priorities.

Whatever you hold closest to your heart, that should be part of your success metrics.

Having a healthy happy family. A decent job. Time for oneself. A passion brought to life. All of them valid.

If you define success in your own terms, you can never fail.☝🏻

You don’t need the stress. You don’t need to over analyze and become too hard on yourself. And definitely you don’t need to compare.

You only have to inquire within and realize that hey, you have more than enough. ❀️

So true. Celebrate the smallest triumphs. They lead you closer to your goals.

Remember that you are successful in your own right. πŸ‘πŸ»

Because you have decided to pursue your own path, and made things happen, your way.

At the end of the day, like I always say, you have a choice. 😊

And that alone, by utilizing your free will, makes you worthy of the success you envisioned, whatever it may be, however you intend to achieve it.πŸ™πŸ»

So…how do you define yours?❀️

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