Choosing To Change

Yup. Seriously.

I have always been a lover of change. It’s part of life in general…part of me in more ways than one. Makes each day more exciting that way also😁

I can’t imagine myself being the same person now versus the one I was, a few years ago. Simply because now, looking back, I have seen so much growth, after learning from experiences, both good and bad ones.❤️🙏🏻

The need to change is something very inevitable. I mean you can’t just stay where you are and do the same things over and over again and then expect growth right?😅

I understand that letting go of old habits may be hard and scary at first. But seriously, it’s possible. And trust me, your future self will thank you eventually for doing so.

The old way should not be your way for good. Learn to explore. ☝🏻

When things get harder actually that’s when growth begins. Right outside of your comfort zone.❤️

You just have to muster enough strength to take that giant leap of faith to start all over again. That makes the journey more worthwhile — when you are able to go through it minus your bias and apprehensions.

But choosing to embark on that personal journey to becoming your #bestmeever is just the beginning: you need to commit to it fully as well to reap the rewards.

Say NO to half-hearted decisions and half-baked changes.😊

So the moment you choose to start all over again, don’t forget to plan your next goals. Don’t worry too much if they’re a little rough on the edges. You can fine tune them along the way, at your own pace. Baby steps will do🙏🏻

So think about it now: what do you want to change about yourself? How do you plan to go about it? What is it that you want to achieve? Make sure though you are genuinely true to yourself when assessing your goals.

Whatever it may be, remember that it’s within reach. You just have to choose (and commit) to make it happen.❤️😊🙏🏻

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