Keeping Your Word

So true. I couldn’t agree more. ☝🏻

I am one person who never makes a promise which I couldn’t keep (there will be times it may come in late due to serious unforseen situations, but nontheless, I will still keep my word). I always try to consider how the other party would feel if I didn’t honor my word.

That will surely suck I know. Been there, been that.😳

Others say I trust too much. But hey, that’s me as a person. It’s not an excuse for them not to honor their word right?

Remember that your word, or your pinky swear, is a binding contract by itself. Together with it is your integrity and credibility☝🏻

Would you want to tarnish your relationships and reputation simply because you fail to keep your promise? Not worth it, I tell you. Totally not.🙏🏻

I understand that there will be times when keeping your word may be difficult because of both internal and external circumstances.

However, keep this in mind: no one forced you to commit in the first place. You have made that promise using your free will. Therefore, I believe, you must do whatever it takes to fulfill it, or at the very least come up with something close to it🤔 Again, when there’s a will, there’s a way. No excuse can overshadow that!

I personally have done that time and again: when the going gets tough, sometimes even impossible, I still think of ways on how I can keep my word. And that helped me build (and keep) my relationships through the years. And I will always be grateful for that🙏🏻

No amount of money can buy you genuine trust. So consider looking at what is priceless before making yet another promise😊

Tip: don’t make a promise when you’re overwhelmed by your emotions e.g. Happy, sad etc. It clouds your judgement. Think about it a hundred times over before finally committing. Remember, you have a lot at stake. And that’s an understatement❤️

And for you, who may have broken a promise, think again. You may be at the losing end, regardless if your action caused you temporary relief from the situation🖐🏻

You may have just handed the scissors to someone who you never wanted to cut ties with☝🏻

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