Blessings Beyond Betrayals

Ouch. Now really, that hurts.😭

Has anyone of you guys experienced being betrayed by people closest to you? It’s a life changing experience, I tell you. Been there, been that.

A friend of 15 years.

Staff of more than 3 years.

Partner for a year.

And then I lost track of the number of people whom I have tried sharing my whole life with fully, but ended up being stabbed in the back.😞

Yup, it gave me trust issues. But hey, can you blame me? Geez, after what happened, it totally changed the way I look at my relationships. But in the process, I got to reflect as well and made me realize several things, which could also be of value to you guys experiencing the same right now:

  1. I don’t have to take the blame for what happened. As long as my intentions were clear, I have nothing to feel guilty about.
  2. These people came into my life to teach me a lesson. A lot of people have already told me before that I was too nice. I never listened. Until all these happened. Ok, one for the books.
  3. What happened should not define me and what I can still do there after. It was hard to move on at first but it was possible. Really.
  4. All those betrayals, were actually blessings in disguise. I grew in the process by re-assessing the relationships I had and striving even harder while turning my life around. They inspired me to be my best. Seriously. Ever heard the saying that the best revenge is being truly happy and becoming even more successful than before? I took that to heart.☝🏻
  5. It opened new doors which allowed me to meet a whole lot of people who are meant to stay in my life and help me grow to the fullest. It brought me out of my own box, and into the world. I might say, outside is pretty amazing!😊

I know that all these may seem easier said than done. But please take note that recovery is one process one shouldn’t force to hurry. Time does heal all wounds. Just let things be.❀️

So for all of you who are currently hurting, know that eventually you have to make that fateful choice of moving on and forward. It’s just one chapter of your life, not your happily ever after.

And who knows, maybe someday, forgiving those who have wronged you will be part of your story. But for now, just enjoy your journey to becoming your #bestmeever .πŸ™πŸ»

Trust the processπŸŒˆπŸ™πŸ»β€οΈ.

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