From 2017 to my #bestmeever

It was a pretty interesting year for me.😊 A lot of opportunities, new ventures, new friends, and realizations filled my year that was. ❤️

And now, one day before the dawn of the new year, I decided to list down some of the important lessons I’ve learned this year which helped me become my #bestmeever :

1. You can burn bridges and be grateful that you did in the end. I mean, seriously, gone are the days when you have to keep people close while you suffer in silence. Life is too short to spend it miserably with people who make you feel less of a person that you really are. So when in doubt, cut. ☝🏻

2. You can always try something new and be good at it. Great even. Yup, all you need is to be passionate about it, whatever it is and regardless of what others may say, and you’ll go places. 💪🏼

3. Closed doors will always be blessings in disguise. Promise: whenever I lose an opportunity which I thought I wanted, I always end up with something better, with me nodding in the end while murmuring “so that’s why…”. Don’t freak out when a door closes. The next one (or even a bunch of them!) will just be around the corner.

4. My #bestmeever is no one else’s business. I mean, hey, to each his own right? Some people think I am doing so many things at the same time. Let me be guys!😅 I mean as long as it makes me happy and complete and I don’t harm anyone as I grow in the process…all is good, don’t you think? Case closed❤️

5. The universe has a unique way of connecting each one of us. Trust the process. 2017 allowed me to be reunited with people from my past in the weirdest ways possible e.g. a friend of my ex became my business partner, a former colleague referred me to a new endeavor etc.. But hey, I am not complaining. It made my year interesting indeed.

6. You will always have bashers around you. Same with fake friends. Give them even more reasons to hate you by becoming very successful. 🙏🏻 Plot Twist!!!😂

7. Quality time for Family and Quality Friends (and special someone). Priceless. Work will never compensate for the lost opportunity to show how much these people mean to you and vise versa. You can always find time. Work can wait. Remember, they’re worth it❤️

8. You are never too young or too old to become the best version of yourself. You have your #bestmeever in you. You just have to set it free👑🌈🦄

So there. I hope you guys will be able to relate to some of these and hopefully, they get to help you in the process.

For now, enjoy the last few hours before the clock strikes 12.

2018 will be one very amazing year for all of us. Believe❤️🙏🏻😊

To everyone reading this,

Sending you all much love, light, positivity and a whole lot of possibilities this 2018❤️😊

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