My #bestmeever inspiration (Part 1)

I can’t even think of the proper adjective to describe these amazing women (I am guessing though that this is the after effect of my winter getaway in Tokyo. Brain freeze)❄️☃️

To put it candidly, they won me over. ❤️

When I was younger (and less busy then), I used to watch their talk shows alot. 😂 I couldn’t let a day pass me by without seeing these three on the boob tube.

Each of them had their own style of hosting, but they had one similar quality which I admired the most eversince: they were very inspiring. And that’s an understatement.🙏🏻

Truth be told, they had a lasting effect on me. They inspired me to become my #bestmeever in the process❤️🌈🦄

So before I continue, let me introduce you to the three people I am hoping to meet in my lifetime and perhaps share my book with:

Meet Tyra. #tyrataughtme to embrace my flaws. That it’s ok to be imperfect and yet be totally happy in the process. Makes sense rather than sulking about things which I couldn’t change, right? 😃

Ellen. She is definitely a burst of sunshine and energy. She lights up the room with her presence. She taught me to be true to myself. That it’s ok to be different and yet be totally loved for who and what you are. Amen to that.🙏🏻

And lastly, Oprah. Wow. Just wow. This woman rocks. She speaks with so much sense and compassion that she’s able to move mountains with her words. She taught me the importance of reaching out and making a difference in the lives of others through my words and actions. Trust me, it’s very rewarding, so to speak.☝🏻

I just had to do this appreciation post because I realized that I am what I am now because of them. Even though I haven’t met them yet in person, their stories (and everything about them, really) inspired me.

I wish that my book will be able to do just that to all my readers❤️🙏🏻😊

In the meantime, here’s a virtual copy of my book, which I asked the Universe to share with them. Maybe someday. ❤️🙏🏻

My gratitude sails on.

Thank you Tyra, Ellen and Oprah❤️

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