The Disney in Me

At 36, I still get excited whenever I visit Disneyland😍

I experience a different high when I get to meet my childhood favorite characters in the flesh. Today, at Tokyo Disneyland, was no exception👍🏻

By the way, I bought my book with me since I want to create materials for my Instagram account for its promotion. So far, so good don’t you think? 😁

I wasted no time and immediately began my adventure with childlike faith, trusting my instincts where to go (I was given a map, but hey, random adventures are far better)🤪

So all through out the day, I got to enjoy the magic which Disney brings to young ones and those young at heart like me: that beyond amazing nostalgic feeling that makes Disneyland as the happiest place on earth. True to its claim, I never had a dull moment today😃

And of course, as part of my goal to visit every Disneyland there is, I had to have my picture taken with my good old buddy, Mickey❤️ Thanks to my patience and energy levels which can rival those of kids aged 7 and below, I managed to get one shot with him after more than an hour of waiting in line☺️ I initially wanted him to hold my book, but the staff said he’s not allowed. Too much for endorsement. Haha!😂

Nonetheless, I spent the rest of the day reliving fond childhood memories. So what have realized in the process? I noticed that there were a lot of older people who still go to Disneyland (some older than I was!). Maybe they just want to accompany their loved ones, revisit their childhood, or relive a fantasy of theirs.

Whatever their reasons may be, I believe that within us, lies our own Disney🌈❤️😊

That’s the part of us that always hopes for the best, sees beauty in everything and believes in magic. 🌈❤️🦄

Disney will always be part of my #bestmeever as it taught me the meaning of living happily ever after. I will always be grateful for the amazing stories and life lessons learned😊

How about you? Have you gotten in touch with your inner Disney yet? 🙏🏻

Always remember that the magic lives on.

Within you❤️

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