Looking at the bright side

I nearly had a heart attack this morning. Leaving for Japan tonight and just found out my name was misspelled in my VISA😳😳😳


I wanted to go berserk and raise hell for my agent who fixed everything and told me that all was fine and in place. Being too busy, I took his word. My golly🙄🙄🙄

Fast forward to this morning’s scene when I confronted him and he apologized profusely and promised to do everything he could before I leave.

I am like: seriously? I am leaving in a few hours. I have no Visa. Everything is booked and paid for. I couldn’t believe it was happening. I have been waiting for this trip for months😔

But then again, being the optimistic (and highly determined!) person that I was, I didn’t even wait for my agent who promised to give me feedback by 11am after sending someone there. He assured me though that as a general rule, as long as passport numbers and birthday are the same, it wouldn’t be a problem. And he assumed I would accept that and risk myself of getting deported?!😳😳😳 No way. Not today, Satan😂

So I took matters into my own hands. 💪🏼

I braved the crazy traffic, and went to the Japanese embassy armed only with my optimism and whatever charm I have left after getting stressed out. 😅

Upon reaching the designated window and discussing my concern, the person flatly replied: you should have approached your agent for this. In my head (the panic-striken Myke), yeah I know but I don’t have time and I’m leaving in a few hours!😱

Me ( the sane version) : I hope you can do something about it. 🤓

And then I gave her my sweetest smile and she took in my passport without another word, while I was asked to wait at the reception area.

Did I tell you that the reception area was so cold that it would rival Disney’s Frozen setting?😂 Mind you, I was only wearing my shirt and jeans, while other well-informed individuals with me had thejr jackets on.🤧

I totally forgot I was steaming mad because I think my brain got frozen for sometime🤪

When I got back to my senses, I began to reflect: what could have been the blessing in disguise here?

I was supposed to have a Christmas lunch party with my officemates which I had to cancel. I was supposed to do some last minute shopping which I also had to forgo.

Here I was, freezing and not knowing whether I will make it on time for tonight’s trip with a proper VISA.

So after waiting for what seemed like an eternity, I heard my name called and got my passport back. With the correct VISA attached. 😍😍😍

Alleluia! I heard the angels singing!

I guess I was still lucky. That if I hadn’t took time to check on my passport while I was packing this morning, I wouldn’t have noticed the error.

That if I have let my anger get the most of me, I wouldn’t have managed to convince myself to go to the embassy.

That if I just listened to my agent, up to now, I wouldn’t have anything on hand.

So I guess, it’s meant to be🌈

No more tears🤣 And I will still be spending Christmas in theland of the rising sun❤️🙏🏻

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