Dear Future #bestmeever

Dear future #bestmeever,

OMG, can I just say I am so proud of you!

You’ve gone a long way. It’s a good thing you never gave up. 👍🏻 See, remember when I told you that someday you’ll laugh about those disappointments and worries you had initially? This is one memorable “I told you so!” moment😂

Seriously though, look at how much you’ve grown? More importantly, look at how many you inspired to become their best in the process?❤️ Who would have thought that your daily uplifting posts will help change the lives of others?🌈

I never did lose my faith in you🙏🏻

But just a reminder though, now that you made it, please don’t forget those who stayed by your side during tough times. They are the ones who deserve seats at the front row. Never trade them for anything or anyone because they loved you at your worst…and they very much deserve you at your best.☝🏻

Also, for those who have wronged you and belittled you in the process, don’t forget to thank them as well. Remember, they inspired you to become your #bestmeever . Without them, your life would have been pretty boring to put it candidly. 😂 I am sure by now you are no longer hurting so I guess thanking them won’t be a big deal.💅🏻

Lastly, remember that you still have a long way to go. Success doesn’t end when you reach the top — it gets more meaningful when you help others achieve the same. Continue on with doing what you love and inspire others more by always being your best. Much like before, when the going gets tough, keep on believing and never give up. You’ve done it before, so why stop now?

Remember, you can only soar higher❤️

I will always be your greatest fan. I love you, Myke.

My #bestmeever🙏🏻😊🌈

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