Personal Race

color manila race kitSo earlier this afternoon, I was given a Color Manila Race Kit by one of my students (it was part of her final campaign for graduate school in DLSU).

No, I don’t join marathons but hey, who am I to say no? I loved the colors.

Upon receiving it, it actually made me think. How’s my personal race going?

Am I going too slow that I let opportunities pass me by?

Am I going too fast that I fail to appreciate the beauty of all things around me?

I thought for a while and here was my answer:

I am living in the moment and enjoying every bit of it.

Maybe because I chose to start all over again. Embark o new adventures. Reach out to more people. Go beyond.

At 36, I chose to run my own race.

I no longer need the validation of others to assure me I am doing a good job with my life. From where I stand now, I refuse to compare myself with others who were ahead of me or those who lagged behind.

I can definitely say I am happy where I am now because this is where I am supposed to be: free and able to follow my heart and inspire others to do the same thing. My race is definitely, one colorful one.

How’s yours?


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