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Discovering Self Worth

Fact: We are all worthy. Very much deserving of the greatest things in life, as much as everyone else. Regardless of the turn of events or whatever others may say, you have to always keep your self-worth intact. Note that: You are worth more than the painful past you had because it cannot and should … Continue reading Discovering Self Worth

Owning Now

Truth be told, we don’t have the luxury of time. Well, not always. Given that, every second counts. You might not notice it but seriously what you do, here and now, matters a lot. You can’t turn back time. And you don’t want to chase after it always either. So how do you make the … Continue reading Owning Now

Reflect and Reset

It was a much-needed break from it all.🙏🏻 Long weekend well-spent indeed. I took the opportunity to disconnect from work and everything else in between and just spend time reflecting on where I am now in my life and where I intend to be. Truth be told, amidst the stress, I figured out that I … Continue reading Reflect and Reset

What’s Next?

This was the question I asked myself upon waking up this morning. To say that a lot of things have happened in the last few days is an understatement. So here I am, trying to make sense of what transpired while wondering what’s the next chapter going to be. It’s always about moving on and … Continue reading What’s Next?

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